Is there a shortage of content marketers? Yes and no.

Marketers just need content marketing skills.

I’ve been flexing my content marketing muscle for a few years now at brass Media, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the job. Content marketing has so much strategy, planning, and creation that there’s always something different to do.

And because I’m enjoying the content marketing part of my job, I’m so excited to be interviewed about it! I spoke with B2B News Network about the recent survey by Provoke Insights that shows 34% of companies are having a hard time finding suitable content marketers:


Weighing in on the workplace for millennials

Happy July, friendlies! I wanted to share an article with you that I contributed to. 

I talked with Myriam DiGiovanni of the Credit Union Times about workplaces and millennial employees:

“A big misconception for most companies is that you’ve got young people at the bottom of the totem pole and older people at the top,” Fakhraie said. “That doesn’t mirror the reality at brass: Everyone’s making decisions at all levels and leadership positions aren’t just for boomers.”

Check out the entire article, which also profiles a marketing agency and a credit union, at the Credit Union Times website! 

I’m in the May/June issue of ISNA’s magazine

Muslim Women Changing the Narrative

Islamic Horizons is the official magazine of the Islamic Society of North America, and it’s full of stories by and for American Muslims.

Sabina Khan-Ibarra, the creator of Muslimah Montage, interviewed me, along with author Jennifer Zobair and Zahra Billoo, the Executive Director for the CAIR San Francisco Bay Area, for the newest issue. The article is all about ways that we’ve created avenues for ourselves to discuss issues important to Muslim women.

It’s a pretty great article, so check it out if you have time (the article starts on page 36)!

Are you into comic books?

I haven’t given much attention to comic books. I’ve read a graphic novel here and there, and own a single Catwoman comic book (she’s just so badass). But I think I’m about to get into comic books in a major way because Marvel’s new Ms. Marvel is a teenage American Muslim girl.

ms marvel

I talked to Al Jazeera America about my excitement over Kamala Khan:

“She is going to be a window into the American Muslim experience,” said Fatemeh Fakhraie, the founder of Muslimah Media Watch, a forum on Muslim women’s representation in popular culture.

Fakhraie said the new superhero “normalizes this idea of the American experience as Muslim,” adding that “A lot of us are bumping up against that the idea that a lot of America is white, while that isn’t what America is, we’re not all white and Christian.”

Check out the piece and keep an eye open for the new comics. G. Willow Wilson, whose work I really enjoy, is writing for Kamala, so I’m really excited to see what’s coming up.

More #MuslimaVoices coverage

Samina Ali wrote a piece for The Huffington Post today in which she talked about how harmful media images negatively affect Muslim women:

A helpless Muslim woman seems to no longer be just a stereotype. “Muslim woman” has become synonymous with “helpless victim.”

Sound bites the media uses to portray Muslim women have been a large contributor in making this victim mentality a norm. For a recent infographicIMOW partnered withMiss Representation to show the three common ways the media packages Muslim women: veiled, oppressed, and, most dangerous of all, homogenous.

She also briefly touched on the #MuslimaVoices Twitter chat we did earlier this month.

Read the whole article here.

It’s been so long.

Sorry for the lag, friendlies. I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been busy: I recently got an awesome job as a Social Media & Marketing Specialist with brass Media Inc.! I’m very happy in my new position, and it takes up a fair bit of my time. Unfortunately, this means I’m scaling back quite a bit in my writing and speaking stuff, but I’m excited for my new challenge.

I’ll continue to post from time to time when things pop up, however. For example, Erica Sánchez wrote a piece about Muslim feminism for the Common Ground News Service, and interviewed me along with the very sharp Safa Samiezade-Yazd from Aslan Media, Shaista Patel from the University of Toronto, and Mehrunisa Qayyum from Pita Policy. Check out the entire article here!