Is there a shortage of content marketers? Yes and no.

Marketers just need content marketing skills.

I’ve been flexing my content marketing muscle for a few years now at brass Media, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the job. Content marketing has so much strategy, planning, and creation that there’s always something different to do.

And because I’m enjoying the content marketing part of my job, I’m so excited to be interviewed about it! I spoke with B2B News Network about the recent survey by Provoke Insights that shows 34% of companies are having a hard time finding suitable content marketers:

The barriers to finding the right candidates isn’t down solely to a lack of critical skills, but that businesses are lacking the organizational structure that would allow them to thrive. As Brianne Carlon Rush recently noted in The Guardian, “agencies and brands are still fumbling to figure out how to build content marketing departments due to this lack of structured training and professional development.”

That’s a sentiment echoed by Fatemeh Fakhraie, a social media and marketing specialist based in Oregon. “There’s a shortage of skills, not skilled people,” she explains. “Many companies might not understand content marketing fully, or are trying to implement it without preparing marketing staff in the details around content marketing and how it relates to inbound marketing.”

I’m proud to throw in my two cents along with several other industry experts. Give the whole thing a read to learn how companies and marketers can hone their content marketing skills.