‘Tis the season

Happy 2015!

What I love most about the holidays are the infused warmth emanating from friends, coworkers, and family: beautiful Hanukkah displays at the store, cozily decorated houses, and lots of extra goodies in the office break room.

One of my favorite holiday surprises is getting greeting cards! It’s such a beautiful way to let people know you’re thinking of them, and who doesn’t like getting mail (that isn’t a bill)? This has really inspired me to think about how I can get in on the action.

Obviously, Christmas cards don’t make sense, since I don’t celebrate Christmas. Eid cards make a little more sense, since I do observe Eid al Fitr. But eid greetings happen after Ramezan, which currently happens in the summer. Ramezan won’t occur during December for another decade or so, and I’d like to send something out now.

And then I remembered New Year’s. It’s one of my favorite holidays! A new year, a new beginning, a new start! I love new beginnings so much that I celebrate three times a year (January 1, Persian New Year, and Islamic New Year).

Since New Year’s is coming up soon, and my nearest and dearest all observe New Year’s (even as they follow other faith and cultural traditions), I figured New Year greetings are the best way to send those

I found some beautiful ones at Paper Source, pictured above! They have so many beautiful stationary options; and as a secret stationary nerd, picking out cards was a serious treat.

I’m curious about your traditions around this time of year. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, what do you do to include your multicultural circle in your celebrations?

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