I’m a convert to This.

This. social network

After the hubbub and subsequent disappointment about new platform Ello, I was definitely skeptical about whether This.cm would woo me. But it has: it’s full of great reads from people whose opinions I respect about issues I like reading about.

This. bills itself as “a place to find and share the web’s best stories, ideas and arguments. Each user can share just 1 link a day.” It was launched by Atlantic Media, helmed by Andrew Golis.

While Ello was widely rumored to replace Facebook, This.cm is actually doing an aspect of that for me. No, I won’t be getting off Facebook any time soon–it’s full of too many people who are important to me. Let’s be honest: Facebook is great way to watch other people’s kids get older and keep up with people that you can’t make time to see in real life. But it’s not always the best place to get informed articles.

So I’m moving all my good read recommendations to This.cm.

This.cm gives me excellent thinkpieces to pour over–not only is this what they said they’d do, they’re actually delivering. The site seems to be growing quickly (I’m getting and giving out new invites weekly, it seems) and yet there’s still plenty of good stuff. I find myself ignoring daily websites I usually check and just going to This. to find what’s being shared.

It’s true there are plenty of re-shareds: just because everyone can only share one link a day doesn’t mean several people won’t all share the same link. But this happens on Facebook, too–I take it as a resounding testament to the piece’s excellent nature and make sure to read it.

The greatest part about This.cm is that you get all you excellent longreads in one place, without baby pictures, memes, and the normal ad garbage on Facebook (at least, for now). I can publish excellent articles I’ve read there, without worrying about family and coworkers unfriending me to escape from my undoubtedly political content weighing down their newsfeeds (I see you, unfrienders. You could’ve just muted me).

I’m already segmenting my social media usage on other sites, so this seems like a continuation of the process. I use Instagram for my fledgling photography skills (and maybe the occasional selfie); I use Pinterest to keep track of lifestyle and fashion ideas; I use Twitter for professional chats and to share a mixture of links and images.

Facebook used to be my one-stop-shop for social networking, and that has changed with This.cm.