A new adventure


Today is my last day at brass Media. It’s been a wonderful few years here, and I’ve learned so much. The best marketing skills I’ve learned are in content marketing and marketing automation, which have sparked my passion to learn even more. Content marketing felt like a natural fit after so many years of blogging, and learning about leveraging content for marketing is fascinating.

Another real blessing from my time at brass is working with so many wonderful people. Collaboration has been an incredibly fun process with so many talented individuals–there are a lot of people that I’m going to miss seeing every day. But the wonderful thing about workplace friendships is that they often become real-life friendships.


The next step

The exciting thing is that I’m moving on to Central Willamette Community Credit Union! I’m incredibly excited to join the team there and put my marketing skills to work. There’s a lot more to learn about marketing, and I’m excited to do it with an institution committed my local community.

Watch this space in June to see what I get up to next!