Lots of good news on the horizon

It’s been awhile since I updated you on how things are going with me personally.

My time at Central Willamette Community Credit Union has been really fun. I’ve met lots of wonderful people, learned a lot about towns like Albany and Lebanon, and made great friends here.

But even though it’s only been about six months, I’m moving on again! Starting November, I’ll be Northwest Community Credit Union‘s Digital Content Specialist! And I’m really looking forward to drill down deep into digital marketing, which is my favorite kind of marketing. It’s a perfect fit for this marketing and data nerd!

And there’s even more exciting news. A panel that some friends and I submitted was accepted! So next year, I’ll be at SXSW with the fantastic Amanda Quraishi, Eman Hassabally Aly, and Shahed Amanullah! Our panel will change somewhat, but it will focus on American Muslim media and content production.

I’m really excited for the opportunity to present at SXSW. Looking forward to checking that huge event off my bucket list!