Want to know all about me?

Writer Nancy Haught did a feature piece on me for The Oregonian. It looks at my life, my family, and I Speak for Myself:

Fakhraie’s piece,  “Roots,” appears in “I Speak for Myself: American Women on Being Muslim.” The collection of writing by 40 American Muslim women under the age of 40 was published this month by Ashland’s White Cloud Press. Each entry breaks open the life of a young woman who is at once ordinary and exceptional, who lives her life of faith under a spotlight that is often harsh.

Fakhraie, 27, lives a life in Corvallis that is littered with broken stereotypes, but she chose an essay for “I Speak for Myself” that makes her sound like any young adult, religious or not, who dreads going home.

“Underneath it all, we Muslims aren’t that different,” she says. “Our experience is the American experience.”

Give the whole thing a read and learn all about me. There are some pretty cool photos in there, too!