I’m making waves online!

…so says the wonderful interfaith site Tikkun! The ever-vibrant Amanda Quraishi profiles me for Tikkun’s “Muslims on the Internet” series:

Needless to say, MMW does not fit neatly into any one blogging category, but it’s precisely for this reason that it’s become a beacon for Muslim women online. “The knowledge that our website is used in university level gender studies classrooms is what I’m most proud of,” Fakhraie tells me. “The majority of my Islamic feminist studies didn’t come to me until late in my college career; I’m supremely happy that we can reach feminists (both Muslim and non-Muslim) earlier. I also think that Muslimah Media Watch is a defining feminist voice in the Muslim blogosphere. Not all of our writers identify as feminist, but our pro-women bent is prominent.”

This is the first post in the “Muslims on the Internet” series, which looks at “Muslim activists, entrepreneurs and artists who are making waves online.” Check it out!