What’s that about all press being good press…?

Other than getting lots of random friend requests on Facebook from people I don’t know, my CNN piece has gotten a few other reactions.

Racialicious and Muslim Voices highlighted the piece. Much love to Latoya and Liz!

My colleague Hussein Rashid also mentioned that CNN’s headline, “The media is obsessed with how Muslim women look,” appeared in the Metro under the “Adorable Headlines” section. *giggle*

It looks like the Metro is a little behind on their graphic updates, but I’ll post a screen shot when I get a chance.

Update: Metro screenshot below:

“Fact: The media are obsessed with how women look. Period.”

Wholeheartedly agree. As did many of the commenters at CNN.

But here’s the thing: I was asked to write about being Muslim in 2010, not being a woman. Context, friends.