It’s been awhile, I know.

But, friends, I’ve been busy catching up on Dexter and visiting friends and family!

I’m incredibly proud to say that Muslimah Media Watch was featured in the German Zeit Online, in an article about how blogging words as “social disinfectant” against “lies and racism” (link in German).

Using Google translate, I learn that we’re referred to as “Arab women.” The irony that my writers and I are all referred to as “Arab” (rather than “Muslim”) in an article about blogging breaking down stereotypes is not lost on me. The reality is that we’re from several different ethnicities and are located all over the globe. But, hey, they’re trying…right?

If you speak German (or enjoy reading disjointed Google Translated docs), head over and give it a read! There are lots of other wonderful websites mentioned in the article.