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What I’m up to at brass

Things are going great at brass! On our corporate blog, I’m doing a series that interviews social media specialists at credit unions to look at how they’re getting their CUs involved. Check out the series here.

I’m also authoring articles for brass magazine as well. The summer 2013 issue is out, and I’ve written a feature on inflation. As soon as it’s up, I’ll post a link. But for now, you can check out some magazine articles I wrote on toy fads and becoming a business entrepreneur.

The most exciting thing is that I’m working on our new webinar series, which starts this month! The first broadcast is how to monitor your online mentions.

Be sure to check out and to stay up to date on what we’re up to!

A new kind of writing

Hey, all! A few weeks ago I shared the corporate blogging I’m doing with you, and I wanted to share another first with you.


I worked with colleagues to put out brass Media’s newest white paper, about creating a social media policy for your organization. This is my first whitepaper, and I’m really proud of it–and had a great time writing it! I’m starting to suspect that I have a hidden talent for technical writing.

You can download the white paper here. I hope you enjoy it!

Vote this November!

I attempt to be largely apolitical. But I vote in every single election.

I write about why at AltMuslimah:

But I’m informing myself about the candidates and voting anyway. There are several reasons for this. First, and most simple of all, I am an American, and it is my duty as an American to vote if I am eligible. I hear a lot of talk about our rights as citizens of this country to free speech or to bear arms, but it seems the responsibilities that accompany these rights are often conveniently neglected.

Check out the entire piece there.

I can see clearly now, the clutter’s gone…

I’m participating in Money Side of Life’s Simplifive challenge, and yesterday I wrote about how it’s starting to change how I look at things:

Getting rid of things isn’t my only goal: I’m also getting obsessive about organizing. A more streamlined closet with better usage of space! Turning my bookshelf into a small entertainment system! Neatly organizing cooking utensils and silverware into one drawer! Once I start thinking about the possibilities, I can’t stop.