Ramezan Mobarak!

Hello, friends! Happy Ramezan to you all!


Here’s what you can expect from me this Ramezan:

1. Many Muslims fast during Ramezan. This means no eating, drinking, drugging, or sexing during daylight hours. I can’t abstain from food for personal medical reasons. I’ll be eating as necessary, but will do so in the privacy of my home out of respect for others who are fasting. I reserve the right to make special birthday exceptions!

2. I will try to be more patient and kind. I will fail a lot, but I will be trying.

3. I am going to try to get through an entire Qur’an this month. It will be an audio version, but still.

4. Muslims who can afford to give zakat (money to charity). I’ll be writing a check to my local food bank.

5. I am going to aim for prayer 3 times a day (in the Shi’a tradition) . This will also be in the comfort and privacy of my own home.

6. Feel free to ask any genuine questions you have about Ramezan or how I practice it. If you want to ask any questions designed to belittle my faith or how I practice it, kiss my ass instead. Whoops… Failed at patience and kindness already!