Who’s Afraid of South Park?

My response to the entire South Park/Prophet Muhammad depiction?


I’m not a huge fan of South Park, but it’s just a TV show. It’s just not a big deal.

My response to RevolutionMuslim, two guys who have threatened Matt Stone and Trey Parker?


Hussein Rashid says it more eloquently at ReligionDispatches:

These two buffoons (I keep emphasizing that there are only two of them) decided that they encapsulate all the learning of the various Muslim traditions and could speak out for the Muslim community.

My colleague  Aziz Poonawalla puts it much better at BeliefNet:

In fact, it is precisely the over-reaction of extremist muslims who wave around threats of violence that leads to more depictions and insults to the Prophet, not less. The right way to inculcate respect for the Prophet among non-Muslims is not to act like a barbarian but to simply express ourselves and explain our beliefs – and then excercise our own right, to walk away. It is by their own actions, supposedly in “defense” of the Prophet, that these extremists actually cause greater offense to the Prophet’s legacy than any mere cartoon. After all, the Prophet SAW is judged by non-Muslims solely by the behavior of those who profess to follow him.

Frankly, I’ll take Matt & Trey over “RevolutionMuslim” any day.