Update: Day 1 of AMCLI

Today was the first full day of the AMCLI retreat. It was full of meeting great people, seeing wonderful things, and lots of group learning.

We got a chance to take a tour of the beautiful Rockefeller Brother’s Fund property, on which we’re currently staying. I took some breathtaking pictures of the sprawling acreage and the gorgeous fall foliage. Frankly, I think Oregon’s foliage is better and more vibrant, but a beautiful fall landscape is a beautiful fall landscape–no complaints here.

I’ve been able to meet a few really wonderful people here from all different types of activist channels: Islamic Relief, Muslims Advocates Against Violence, the Ilm Foundation, and more. We were also graciously given training exercises by Jewish Funds for Justice.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to talk a bit more about these amazing people and the work they do when I get some time.

Unfortunately, while I was wrapped up in AMCLI and unplugged from the outside world, tragedy struck the men and women of our country’s largest military base, Ft. Hood. An army psychiatrist shot and killed 12 and wounded 31 in a horrific assault on his compatriots. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. My Allah give them peace.