The Season Finale

Readers and friends, I’m taking a little hiatus.

That’s a scarier word that I’d like to use, and maybe it’s not even completely accurate, but there it is. Hiatus. Like I’m a sitcom that didn’t quite get the right ratings and is getting pulled by the network, but they don’t want to say “canceled.”

But there’s nothing to fear! This is definitely not a cancellation. Think of this more as a season finale. I’ll be back Ugly Betty-style once the seasons roll around.

Currently, I’m working on some publishing stuff and trying to relocate. I’m also looking for a new full-time job, specifically in the editing biz. If you’ve got a job with editorial duties and/or the word “editor” in the title, drop me a note. Because there’s a good chance I’ll be interested!

Anyway, I’ll be focusing on those big life changes, and so I won’t be writing for all the websites I love so much. I’ll still be running MMW and helping out elsewhere when I can. Maybe that will free me up to write more here, too.

So this isn’t goodbye. It’s more of a…see you next season.