Nothing rotten in the state of Denmark.

This last weekend, I was in Denmark for the Danish Journalism Association’s FagFestival 2008. Yes, that’s really the name of the conference. It’s held every two years, and its been around since 1997.

The Danish Journalism Association is pretty cool: a vast majority of Denmark’s media people are members, and this doesn’t just include journalists, but also camera operators, cartoonists, etc., and they all converge upon this festival every two years. Everything (the printed programs and most of the workshops) are in Danish, but you can see my little “blurb” in English here.

It’s a pretty exciting environment, and even more so because the organizers often bring in international media people (like myself). I met some interesting people, including Mark Briggs (author of the concept/book Journalism 2.0), as well as Solana Larsen and Amira Al Hussaini of Global Voices Online. It was really nice to put faces behind a blog I come into contact with so often.

My presentation at the conference went well, despite the fact that the organizers put me up against Seymour Hersh. Author, Pulitzer Prize winner, investigative journalist, holy-crap Seymour Hersh. Yeah. He stayed in the same hotel as I did, too. I faired very well at the conference, despite being slated at the same time as an American journalism icon, and actually had to turn down a few interviews!

Speaking of interviews, I’ll post the interviews I did agree to as soon as I get video of them and upload them to YouTube.

I had a great time in Denmark and met some lovely people there. Everyone was incredibly wonderful, and I want to give my warmest thanks to Nanna Mielche and Mariann Vasbo for all their graciousness and kindness before and during my stay.