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Instagram’s new Direct feature challenges SnapChat

Welp, I’ve already downloaded the Instagram update with the Direct feature. Have you?

Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct is a photo messaging component that allows you to photos and videos to up to 15 friends. These photos and videos don’t appear on in your feed, and you can delete them whenever you’d like (unlike SnapChat, which gives the viewer only 10 seconds max to view a photo, and then it’s gone forever).

Essentially, this is a longer-lasting and more connected version of SnapChat. While you can only send content to up to 15 people, the Direct feature offers a very social component in that everyone you sent your photo or video to can comment on it, even if they don’t follow each other.

For brands, Instagram Direct could be a great way to message their influencers about special deals and events. For personal use, it’s really nice in that I probably won’t have to bother with SnapChat any more: I can send pictures and videos to friends and they all can comment on it. I absolutely love this feature.

There is potential for abuse: because you can sent photos and videos to people you don’t follow and people who don’t follow you, spam is probably in Direct’s future. The good news is that you can ignore messages from someone you follow, block people from sending you messages, and report offensive messages. I like that Instagram is thinking ahead on this.

Instagram’s help guide for Direct is very comprehensive. Check it out if you still have questions about the new feature.

Have you downloaded the update yet? What do you think about Instagram Direct?