You can now change your Instagram captions!

Instagram update 6.2.0 has brought us a cleaner look and an exciting capability: the power to change captions on your photos!

To change a caption on an old Instagram photo, go to that photo in your personal feed. Tap on the button with the ellipsis (the one with three periods), and select “Edit.”

How to edit IG captions, location, and tagged people

Once you select edit, you can change your caption as necessary! Remove or add hashtags, include Instagram handles you didn’t know about when you published, add locations, or change it however you like! Then tap “Done,” and the photo is changed to your liking.

Changing IG photos after publishing

Another change with 6.2.0 is the Explore feature now has a tab for People that you might know or be interested in following.

Find people to follow on Instagram

There have been so many times I’ve forgotten to include something when publishing a photo, only to realize it afterward and have to delete it! I’m definitely excited about the new editing functions!

Does anything about this update excite you?


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