Muslim Rage? [Updated]

More like hatred of Muslims. The Poynter Institute has a great critique of Newsweek editor Tina Brown for her ridiculously Islamophobic and racist cover:

It doesn’t matter how hard we work: racism and Islamophobia guarantees that this garbage is on the cover of Newsweek instead of this, which also happened and represents the majority:

Newsweek is asking for feedback on Twitter with the hashtag #MuslimRage. So I’m going to dedicate my entire Twitter feed to making fun of this fuckery all day. Join me, won’t you?
Update: Today was a fun Twitter day. And two of my Muslim Rage tweets made it into news coverage!

Massoud Hayoun included one in the Vancouver Observer and another one was in New York magazine’s News & Features. Thank you to all my retweeters and showers of solidarity (I really enjoyed a few Mexican Rage and Christian Rage tweets)–laughing in the face of bigotry is often the best recourse!

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