Have you seen Amreeka yet?

I’ll admit, I haven’t seen Amreeka. It hasn’t come to any theaters near me (and I haven’t been able to find it online anywhere,cough, cough). But I jumped at the chance to interview the woman who wrote and directed it, Cherien Dabis.

Check out our interview over at Racialicious:

FF: Though Amreeka focuses on the mother/son relationship, there are definitely stereotype-breaking elements to the film, and it sounds like your next film will have similar themes. Do you feel that this is a large part of how you tell stories and make films?

CD: Absolutely. What my family experienced during the first Gulf War really opened my eyes. I became obsessed with the media and the stereotypes it perpetuated. I realized that there were virtually no authentic portrayals of Arabs anywhere in popular culture so I made a conscious choice to try to do something about that.

And Amreeka is available to rent–it’s already on my Netflix queue. Make sure to check it out!